Looking for an Online Therapist

We all know that finding a therapist can be intimidating. In fact, it's usually the reason people shy away from getting therapy. It's also why more and more of them are drawn to the Internet as an option to the conventional setup.

The question is, how do you find a good online therapist?


First of all, look for chemistry. This may well be your most important criterion choosing a therapist. After all, how can you work with someone, let alone trust the person, if you don't even get along? You need a therapist who'll make you look forward to each session. How do you know of you have chemistry with someone? Just ask for an initial online consultation or even a phone conversation. Either way, it's free, and it's usually enough to give you a good vibe of whether or not your relationship will likely be productive.


Experience is very important when it comes to vetting online relationship counselor . Any well-meaning human being can give you advice, but how different will they be from your relatives and friends? Do your homework and don't forget to check what type of license your prospect holds. Aside from that, ask them how many clients they've worked with, who've been in a similar situation as you? While each client is unique, an experienced therapist will be able to draw useful insights from past cases they've handled. 


A very practical concern you have to look into before choosing a therapist, is availability. A lot of therapists provide online therapy aside from face-to-face sessions. Be sure to ask your prospect about their schedule and see if it matches yours.  And don't forget to consider time zone issues if applicable. What's the use of finding the best therapist if you can't spend enough convenient time for therapy?


Although therapy is a very personal affair, it is nonetheless a business. It therefore comes with material cost, which is generally not cheap. The good news is, online relationship counselor often offer their services at much lower rates, simply because it's much cheaper and easier on them too. They don't have to invest in a physical office, employ people and deal with other overhead expenses.

In any case, it's always best to ask your prospect about rates early on. You'll want to ask at least two therapists and compare them. If all of your prospects check out in terms of compatibility, experience and availability, you can use price as the deciding factor.